Antwort von Pavel, auf meine Anfrage zur automatischen Filterumschaltung.

Hi Joerg,
I’ve almost finished to implement an interface with the ALEX bandpass
A part of this interface is implemented in the FPGA and a part in the software. I just need to find some time to write the software part and to update the SDR/HPSDR transceiver application.
The board and the protocol are described in this document:
The protocol is quite simple. It can be implemented with two 16-bit shift registers (one for the RX part and one for the TX part) sharing the data and clock lines plus two strobe lines.
The main advantages of this protocol are that it’s well documented and that it’s directly compatible with the HPSDR software.
Would it be possible to control your system with this protocol?

Best regards,


HPSDR – Alex RF Bandpass Filters




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