Externe PTT in der neuen Version von Pavel umgesetzt, Information von Bernd DG1DN.


Pavel hat PTT eingebaut (Forum vom 15.02.2016)


Marty, thanks for the suggestion.

I’ve added inputs for PTT, DASH and DOT. They are connected to the pins DIO0_N, DIO1_N and DIO2_N of the extension connector E1:

http://wiki.redpitaya.com/index.php?tit … connectors

These inputs are active-low with internal pull-up.

I’ve also added an output pin for the pre-amplifier/attenuator control. It’s connected to the pin DIO1_P of the extension connector E1. When used with PowerSDR mRX, this pin is controlled by the first ATT combo-box.

The new version (0.94-871) is now available via the Red Pitaya application market place. I’ve also updated the customized SD card image.

Eine Anleitung der Installation der neuen Software habe ich im Forum veröffentlicht.

73 Jörg de DD8JM

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