NEWs HAMLAB detailed specifications

HAMLAB detailed specifications

HAMLAB system architecture:

HAMLAB system arch.png

SDR specifications


Architecture:direct sampling / internal high performance 14-bit A/D and D/A 125Msps converters (no sound card required)
Band coverage:All band receiver with 5 bands transmitter (80,40,20,12/10m)
Transmit power:up to 10W
Wideband Frequency Coverage:25 kHz – 62.25 MHz
Connection to PC:1Gbit ethernet or WIFI connection
Software:Power SDR, HDSPR, Gqrx, GNU Radio, GNU Radio Companion and Pothos
Phones and MIC connection:available on the front panel
Secondary Rx and Tx channel:available through BNC connectors

Receiver Specifications:

Architecture:Direct Digital Sampling
ADC Sampling Rate:125Msps
ADC Resolution:14 bits
Wideband Frequency Coverage:25 kHz – 62.25 MHz
MDS (min. detectable signal):MDS (typ)@ 500Hz BW
Preamp OFF@14MHz is -113dBm
Preamp +15dB@14MHz is -130dBm
Preamp +30dB@50MHz is NA
More MDS measurements.

Transmitter Specifications:

Architecture:Direct Digital Up-conversion
TX DAC Sampling Rate:125Msps
TX DAC Resolution:14 bits
RF Output Power:up to 10W CW and SSB at @ 13.8V input voltage (max. 15V)
Transmitter Frequency Range:80 – 10m (amateur bands only)
Low Pass PA Filter Bands:80, 40, 20, 12/10 m (possibility to changed it to any range 1.8 – 50MHz)
Emission Modes Types:not limited by HAMLAB hw, depending on 3rd party SDR software used
Harmonic Radiation:better than -45 dB
3rd-Order IMD:better than -35 dB below PEP @ 14.2 MHz 10 Watts PEP
Microphone connector:RJ45
Microphone impedance:600 ohm unbalanced

General Specifications:

Frequency Stability:TBD
Antenna Connector:SO-239 UHF connector
Antenna Impedance:50 Ohm Unbalanced
RF Output Power:up to 10W CW and SSB at @ 13.8V input voltage (max. 15V)
Maximum Interconnect Cable Length Ethernet:100 meters (328 feet), Category 5 cable
Power connector:PowerPole

Measurement instruments specifications


Input channels2
Input channels connectorBNC
Bandwidth50 MHz
Resolution14 bit
Memory depth16384 Samples Max.
Sampling Rate125 MS/s
Input range+/- 1V or +/- 20V
Input couplingAC/DC
Minimal Voltage Sensitivity± 0.244 mV / ± 2.44 mV
External Trigger connectorBNC
Input couplingAC/DC

Signal generator

Output channels2
Output channels connectorBNC
Bandwidth50 MHz
Resolution14 bit
Signal buffer16384 Samples Max.
Sampling Rate125 MS/s
Output range+/- 1V
Frequency Range0 – 50 MHz
Output impedance50 ohm
External Trigger connectorBNC

Spectrum analyzer

Input channels2
Input channels connectorBNC
Bandwidth0 – 62 MHz
Dynamic Range– 80dBm
Input noise level< -119 dBm/Hz
Input range+/- 1V
Frequency Range0 – 50 MHz
Input impedance1 MΩ / 10 pF
Spurious frequency components-90 dBFS Typically

Logic analyzer

Input channels8
Max. sample rate125 MS/s
Fastest input signal50 MHz
Supported protocols:I2C, SPI, UART
Input voltage levels2.5V – 5.5V
Threshold:0.8V for logic low
2.0V for logic high
Input impedance100kohm 3pF
Sample depth1MS (typical*)
Trigger resolution8 ns
Min. detectable pulse length10 ns
  • Acquired data is compressed therefore the size of data than can be captured depends on activity of signal on LA inputs.
    For I2C, SPI & UART signals 1MS is typical sample depth.

All instrumentation applications are WEB based and don’t require the installation of any native software.
Users can access them via a browser using their smartphone, tablet or a PC running any popular operating systems (MAC, Linux, Windows, Android and iOS).

General Electrical specifications:

Power Requirements:+13.8V DC nominal ±15% (Transmitter output specified at 13.8VDC)
Power Consumption:TBD

Mechanical specifications:

Operating temperature:TBD

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