A New Version (0.94-1354) of the Red Pitaya SDR von Pavel

Eine neu Version von Pavel ist hier im Blog und im Forum verfügbar!

Red-Pitaya-Notes vom Oktober 2016

  • pavel-demin/red-pitaya-notes fix ALEX interface in axis_i2s
  • pavel-demin/red-pitaya-notes replace tmp with $(TEMP) in Makefile
  • pavel-demin/red-pitaya-notes replace Performance_NetDelay_high with Performance_ExtraTimingOpt in …
  • pavel-demin/red-pitaya-notes connect keyers resets to configuration registers and add more controls to mcpha/python
  • pavel-demin/red-pitaya-notes add PPS to sdr_transceiver_wspr
  • pavel-demin/red-pitaya-notes fix alex_0 connections in sdr_transceiver_emb/alex.tcl
  • pavel-demin/red-pitaya-notes add sdr_transceiver_emb/alex.tcl
  • pavel-demin/red-pitaya-notes add sidetone generator to sdr_transceiver_emb and set scheduling policy for read_handler to SCHED_FIFO in vna.c
  • pavel-demin/red-pitaya-notes add i2c_codec checks to handler_ep6 in sdr-transceiver-hpsdr.c
  • pavel-demin/red-pitaya-notes add code for controlling ICOM IC-735
  • pavel-demin/red-pitaya-notes set volume to -10 dB in sdr-transceiver-hpsdr.c
  • pavel-demin/red-pitaya-notes fix ptt/mux lgic and sidetone frequency in sdr_transceiver_hpsdr


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