Ein interessanter Transceiver, Odyssey TRX SDR auf Kickstarter.com

Odyssey TRX is 16-bit ADC high performance DDC SDR 0.5-55 MHz tranceiver for radio amateurs with open source.





Technical specifications and key features of ODYSSEY TRX:

General characteristics:

  • board size is 123.5 x 75mm, appropriate for Hammond 1455J1201 housing.
  • supply voltage: 7-15 V, reverse polarity and overvoltage protection.
  • current consumption for 12 Volt power supply:

LAN & USB version, RX 250 mA, TX 340 mA

Wi-Fi version, RX 380 mA, TX 480 mA

  • current consumption for USB bus power supply (5 volts):

USB version, RX 590 mA, TX 720 mA

  • PC connections: LAN10 / 100, Wi-Fi or USB
  • connectors for headphones, microphone, KEY/PTT: Mini Jack 3.5mm
  • RF connectors: SMA-F
  • connector for external devices control: DB9-F

RX characteristics:

  • type of ADC: 16-bit LTC2165
  • sampling frequency: 122,880 MHz
  • two independed software receivers
  • receiving frequency range: 0.1-55 MHz
  • sensitivity, MDS (500): -127 dBm
  • blocking level: -8 dBm
  • Blocking Dynamic Range: 119dB
  • RM Dynamic Range (10 kHz): 114 dB
  • attenuator 0-30 dB
  • frequency stability using built-in reference generator: 5 ppm
  • supported sampling rates: 48 — 960 kHz
  • wide band scope: 0 – 66 MHz

TX characteristics:

  • frequency range: 1 — 55 MHz
  • output voltage on 50 ohms: 1 volt peak
  • output power: 10 mW
  • linearity, IMD3: 60 – 65 dB
  • maximum width of the transmitted signal: 48 kHz

Additional features:

  • input for high stability 10 MHz reference frequency, 3.3 – 5.0 volts logic level
  • 122.880 MHz stability frequency output
  • 8 control lines of control for external devices : 4 lines for BPF/LPF, PreAMP control, Antenna switch control, Automatic Tuner control and PTT control – all using logic level 3.3 volts
  • built-in sound codec to minimize delays; headphones and microphone can be connected directly to the main board
  • Automatic Key Processor with zero-delay self-monitoring. Both straight and Iambic modes are supported
  • VNA mode support and frequency sweep measurement, complex impedance and SWR measurements are done with external RF bridge

 What software is work ? It is SDR device and for working need some SDR program. Originally, device was supported nativelly in QUISK, QUISK VNA and  Zeus Radio, but currently since firmware v1.3 was added OpenHpsdr protocol support and other programm became available. PowerSDR MRX, CuSDR, KissKonsole and much programm via ExtIO.dll for Hermes – HDSDR, SDR-Sharper, Studio1 and other.

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