PowerSDR/OpenHPSDR mRX PS v3.3.15 released

Eine neue Version von PowerSDR ist gerade erschienen .

Ist ein Datenbank-Reset erforderlich?
Nein, wenn ein Upgrade von v3.3.14
Ja, wenn ein Upgrade von Releases vor v3.3.14 erfolgt.


Latest Release v3.3.15 March 31, 2017

3.3.15 (2017-3-31)

  • Corrected sporadic HIGH SWR meassage found in v3.3.14

3.3.14 (2017-3-26)

  • PureSignal updated to v2.0.
  • Add capibities for the ANAN-8000DLE transceiver.
  • Bryan, W4WMT added a bug fix to the VAC feature that dramatically reduced buffer overruns when using smaller buffers.
  • Corrected out of band errors for the Japan region
  • Fixed CTUN so that the settings would be restored correctly after restarting the program.
  • Added NR2 and SNB to the DSP menu when in the Collapsed mode.
  • Added the following CAT Commands:
    • ZZLI – Sets or Reads the PureSignal (PS-A) button status
    • ZZNS – Sets or Reads the RX1 NR2 button status
    • ZZNV – Sets or Reads the RX2 NR button status
    • ZZNW – Sets or Reads the RX2 NR2 button status
***** High Performance Software Defined Radio Discussion List *****
PowerSDR/OpenHPSDR mRX PS v3.3.15 has been released.
This release can be downloaded from the TAPR Github website.
This release corrects the sporadic HIGH SWR condition present in release 3.3.14.
Is a database reset required?
No, if upgrading from v3.3.14
Yes, if upgrading from releases prior to v3.3.14
Thanks & 73
Doug, W5WC


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