Friedrichshafen 2017 Software Defined Radio Academy Presentations

FPGA Programming Tutorial

SDRA 2017: Markus Heller, DL8RDS: Summary and Final Discussion

Unfortunately the camera was not adjusted, but the audio is fine. So please enjoy the discussion.

Thomas Janner, Julius Durst, Fabian Lesnak: Presentation of the winning team of the Rohde&Schwarz Engineering Competition: Enhancing DVBT-2 processing blocks in GNURadio

Low cost RTL-SDR democratize access to SDR reception, but is there an equivalent low cost solution for transmission : Rpitx is a software running on Raspberry Pi which use only GPIO to transmit HF….

Software Defined Radios (SDR) are nowadays found in many applications. In a typical ham radio context, they are often seen as little more than the replacement of traditional analog radios that are …
RTTY and BPSK31 digital modes have been popular on the amateur radio bands for a long time. While existing applications and frameworks (e. g. Fldigi, gMFSK, GNU Radio) allow us to decode these sign…

Time-Difference-of-Arrival (TDOA) is a well-known technique to localize transmitters using several distributed receivers. A TDOA system measures the arrival time of the received signal at the diffe…

Direct Sampling and Benefits of the Architecture

Frank Riedel, DJ3FR: The HackRF One as a Signal Generator

The usability and performance of the HackRF One SDR experimental platform as a signal generator up to 6 GHz is examined by means of an HPIB driven measurement system. The effective circuit of the H…

The idea of a new data flow system will be presented together with the ongoing development efforts and with the achieved results. The new system is substantially different from the gnu-radio system…

Chris Dindas, DG8DP: Standalone SDR-TRX, Highend – Lowcost – Homebrew

Based on the Hermes SDR PCB it was possible to build a Standalone SDR-TRX with standard components. It will be shown how all components, like mini PC, Display, 5W Amp, Optical Encoders etc. have be…

Erwin Rauh, DL1FY: Charly25 – SDR Transceiver Project – Community Development

Building an SDR transceiver is a new challenge of amateur radio. We show the development of a possible frontend with the associated input and output filters, and the required software for Windows a…


Črt Valentinčič, S56GYC, Red Pitaya: HamLab

Črt Valentinčič, S56GYC (CTO of StemLabs): HamLab

Introduction to SDRA 2017 and Overview on Recent SDR Developments

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