Neue Version für den Red Pitaya von Pavel, Alpine Linux with pre-built applications

Alpine with pre-built applications

This is a work in progress…


To simplify maintenance and distribution of the pre-built applications described in the Red Pitaya notes, I’ve put together a bootable SD card image based on the lightweight Alpine Linux distribution.

Getting started

  • Download SD card image zip file.
  • Copy the content of the SD card image zip file to an SD card.
  • Optionally, to start one of the applications automatically at boot time copy its file from apps/<application> to the topmost directory on the SD card.
  • Insert the SD card in Red Pitaya and connect the power.
  • Applications can be started from the web interface.

The default password for the root account is changeme.


@pavel-demin pavel-demin released this Sep 20, 2017

  • first release based on Alpine Linux 3.6
  • fixed problem of spurious transmit signals in SDR transceivers (#498)
  • added several applications including multiband WSPR transceiver to a single SD card image (#213)
  • added support for Envelope Elimination and Restoration (EER) to SDR transceiver compatible with HPSDR
  • added support for transmission and reception of I/Q waveforms to wideband SDR transceiver (#554)


Information zum Beitrag von Sigi, DH1KLM aus dem Forum von  
Grüße aus Dänemark
Jörg de DD8JM

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