Thetis Version 2.6.6 verfügbar sowie neue Firmware Protokoll 2 / 1.8 bzw. 1.9

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Thetis v2.6.6 Installer


Latest Release v2.6.6 April 21, 2019

2.6.6 (2019-4-21)

  • corrects issue with EU region using commas
  • corrects issue with having out of band frequency on startup
  • fixed transmit filter not being displayed when using split

2.6.5 (2019-4-18)

  • corrected issue with console remaining open after exiting Thetis
  • fixed problem of program crashing when recording while transmitting
  • fixed problem with program crashing when receiving a bad packet

2.6.4 (2019-4-13)

  • improved VOX/DEXP features and performance
  • QSK cabibility for the ANAN-200D, 7000DLE, and 8000DLE models
  • fixed VAC1 startup problem
  • fixed VAC2 resampler problem
  • added option to use VAC2 on split
  • improved TX-RX and RX-TX transistion on voice modes
  • transverter T/R relay bug fixed
  • added control for BYPS-EXT1-XVTR RX ANT for 7000DLE
      • see „Release Notes for 2-6-4.docx“ for detailed information.

TypeNameLatest commit messageCommit time
 ANAN-10E & 100B Added Protocol 2 code for ANAN-10E & 100B 2 years ago
 Angelia (ANAN-100D) Adding Angelia_Protocol_2_v12.0.rbf 4 days ago
 Documentation Added Protocol 2 v3,8 25 days ago
 Hermes (ANAN-10 and 100) Update Hermes_Protocol_2_release_notes.txt 6 days ago
 Orion (ANAN-200D) Adding Orion_NP_v1.8 6 days ago
 Orion_MkII (ANAN-7000DLE-8000DLE) Adding Orion_MkII_Protocol_2_v1.9 5 days ago

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