Neu veröffentlichte Bilder des neuen FTDX10 SDR


The features of the New FTDX10 include:

  • 15 separate band pass filters
  • Effective QRM rejection with the IF DSP (IF SHIFT/WIDTH, IF NOTCH DNF, DNR, COUNTOUR)
  • High-quality and super stable final amplifier utilizing the new push-pull MOSFET RD70HUP2
  • Aluminum Heat Sink with 80mm low-noise axial flow cooling fan
  • High Speed Automatic Antenna Tuner with a large capacity 100-channel memory
  • RF & AF Transmit Monitor
  • Microphone Amplifier with Three-stage parametric Equalizer (SSB/ AM mode)
  • QMB (Quick Memory Bank)
  • Band Stack Function
  • Optional speaker – SP-30 designed for the new FTDX10
  • Optional roofing filter (300Hz) – XF-130CN available

Radio Features:

  • HF/50MHz band 100W Transceiver
  • Hybrid SDR configuration utilizing a Narrow Bandwidth SDR and a Direct Sampling SDR
  • Narrow Band SDR enables Phenomenal Multi-signal Receiving characteristics (2kHz RMDR 116dB+, 2kHz BDR 141dB+, 2kHz 3rd IMDR 109dB+)
  • Down conversion, 9MHz IF Roofing Filters produce Excellent Shape Factor
  • 250 MHz HRDDS (High Resolution Direct Digital Synthesizer) Ultra Low-Noise Local-Oscillator System
  • 15 Separate Powerful Band Pass Filters (BPF)
  • High-quality and Super-Stable Final Amplifier utilizing the new push-pull MOSFET RD70HUP2
  • 5-inch Full Color Touch Panel and 3DSS (3-Dimensional Spectrum Stream) Display
  • MPVD (Multi-Purpose VFO Outer Dial) enables Outstanding Operating Performance
  • Quick Memory Bank (QMB)
  • Supports CW operation with multiple functions such as: CW zero-in, CW Auto zero-in, CW Reverse, CW decode, CW keying Signal form Shaping by FPGA and others
  • RTTY (FSK)/ PSK Encode/Decode Function
  • Other practical features such as Optional RF Gain Selection by IPO. Automatic Gain Control, Quick Split Function
  • SD Card Slot
  • Remote Operation via Internet with optional LAN-Unit (SCU-LAN10)


Frequency Ranges:

  • RX 30kHz – 75MHz (Operating)
  • RX 1.8MHz – 29.699999MHz (Specified performance, Amateur bands only)*
  • RX *5.1675/5.332/5.348/5.3585/5.373/5.405MHz (US only), 5.351500-5.366500MHz (EU only)/ 5.25000-5.406500 (UK only)
  • RX 50MHz – 53.999999MHz (Specified performance, Amateur bands only)
  • RX 70MHz – 70.499999MHz (Specifed performance, UK Amateur bands version only)
  • TX 1.8 – 54MHz (Amateur bands only)

Modulation Type: A1A(CW), A3E(AM), J3E(LSB,USB), F3E(FM),F1B(RTTY),G1B(PSK)

Frequency Stability: ±0.5ppm (32°F to +122°F/0? to +50?, after 1min)

Supply Voltage: DC 13.8V ±15%

Circuit Type: Double-Conversion Superheterodyne

Intermediate Frequencies: 

  • 1st IF 9.005MHz
  • 2nd IF 24kHz

RF Power Output:

  • 5W – 100W (CW, LSB, USB, FM, RTTY, PKT)
  • 5W -25W (AM)

Case Size(W x H x D):
10.47 x 3.58 x 10.35(inch) / 266 x 91 x 263 (mm) *Protruding parts not included

Weight (Approx.): 13lbs/ 5.9kg

Supplied Accessories:

  • Microphone SSM-75E
  • DC Power Cable w/Fuse
  • Spare Fuse
  • 6.3mm 3-contact Plug
  • Operating Manual
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3 Monate zuvor

Das Gerät hat ja für’s erste mal sehr gute Werte. Bedauerlich ist jedoch, daß Yaesu in den letzten Jahren viel an Reputation verloren hat. Das Desaster des 991 wurde mit dem Nachfalger 991A ‚kompensiert‘. Die Qualität des FTDX101MP zeigte: eingeklemmte Display Flachkabel, Konstruktionsfehler – 200 Watt version hat den gleichen Lüfter wie die 100 Watt Version – Endstufen ‚brennen‘ ab, das gibt zu bedenken. Ein Händler in DL wollte mir keinen FTDX101MP verkaufen. Von 12 ausgelieferten kamen 5 wegen vorgenannter Probleme zeitnah wieder zurück. Es ist abzuwarten, welche Leistung (ohne Probleme) der FTDX10 bringen wird.

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