Neue Firmware für den ICOM IC-7610, Version 1.30

Quelle: ICOM

VersionVersion 1.30
Major changesChanges from Version 1.20

  • [Spectrum scope is improved]
    • -A Scroll mode that can seamlessly change the displayed scope range, depending on the operating frequency, is added.
    • – A popup screen that displays when SPAN or EDGE is selected is added.
    • – The number of FIX EDGE memories is expanded to 4.
    • – The Reference level is independently memorized for each band.
    • – The Reference level of the Center mode scope screen while transmitting is fixed at set level independent of the user’s selection.
    • – The Scope function of the RS-BA1  is improved.
  • [Other changes]
    • -The transceiver’s settings are now retained after updating the firmware. (not when reverting to an older version)
    • -While operating in the Data mode, the Receive Tone Control is deactivated.
    • -The default setting of the CI-V USB Port is changed to “Unlink from [REMOTE].”
    • -The RS-BA1 Version 2 software will support the IC-7610’s Scroll mode from its firmware Version 2.40.

Refer to INFORMATION IC-7610 Version 1.30 for details.

NoteTo update the firmware

  • To update from firmware version 1.05 or older to 1.11, the IC-7610 needs to have firmware version 1.06 installed.
  • Thoroughly read Section 6, SD CARD/USB FLASH DRIVE, in the BASIC MANUAL and the Section 13, UPDATING THE FIRMWARE, in the ADVANCED MANUAL, and follow the instructions displayed on the IC-7610 LCD screen.
  • BE SURE to make a backup copy of your data settings to an SD card/USB flash drive before updating the firmware.
  • The firmware will be updated to the following versions.
    • Main CPU: 1.30
    • Sub CPU: 1.05
    • Front CPU:1.01
    • FPGA: 1.06
File Size7.53MB
File Typezip
Manualmanual download page


IC-7610 Version 1.30
The following features are changed in, or added to, the IC-7610.

■ Scope operation
• The Scroll mode is added.
• When the scope span or Edge frequency is
changed, such as by touching [SPAN] or [EDGE],
the selected scope span or the selected Edge
frequency display is enlarged.
• In the SCOPE SET menu, “Marker Position (FIX
Type)” is renamed to “Marker Position (FIX Type/
SCROLL Type).”
• The maximum number of Fixed Edges for each
band is increased from 3 to 4.
• Each band memorizes the Reference level.
• When the Scope screen is open, holding down
[M.SCOPE] for 1 second closes the screen.

*Scroll mode
Displays signals within a selected span. When the
operating frequency moves outside of the screen, the
displayed frequency range is automatically scrolled.

1. Display the SPECTRUM SCOPE screen.

2. Touch [CENT/FIX] for 1 second to select the
Scroll mode.
• When changing the Center mode to the Scroll mode,
“SCROLL-C” is displayed.
You can change the scope span by touching [SPAN].
• When changing the Fixed mode to the Scroll mode,
“SCROLL-F” is displayed.
You can change the Edge frequencies by touching

3. Touch [CENT/FIX] to return to the previous mode.
• When returning to the Center mode, the scope span
does not return to the previous setting.
• When returning to the Fixed mode, the Edge
frequencies return to the last selected “Fixed Edges.”
If the operating frequency is above the upper Edge
frequency, or below the lower Edge frequency, “>>”
or “<<” is displayed in the upper side corners of the SPECTRUM SCOPE screen.

■ Tone Control settings in the Data mode In the Data mode,

In the Tone Control settings are automatically disabled.

MENU » SET > Tone Control/TBW > RX
• RX HPF/LPF (Default: – – – – – – – – –)
• RX Bass (Default: 0)
• RX Treble (Default: 0)

■ REF Adjust
“REF Adjust” in the Set mode is displayed to the
tenths place digit.
MENU » SET > Function > REF Adjust

■ Keyboard entry
On the Full Keyboard screen, the Capital Lock
function is not canceled, even if you toggle between
the alphabet and numeric modes.
Operating frequency (moves)
When in the Scroll-C mode, is displayed.
Edge (Lower frequency)
When in the Scroll-C mode,
is displayed.
Grid (frequency/level)
Edge (Upper frequency)

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  1. Peter K. sagt:

    nach update auf 1.30 ( IC-7610 ) funktioniert das externe Display nicht mehr

    vy 73 Peter DM2LI

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