RP 10 bits VS 14/16 as TRX

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RP 10 bits VS 14/16 as TRX

Beitrag von yo2ldk » Fr Sep 04, 2020 2:53 pm

Hello dear friends,

now RP STEMlab 125-10 have a good price (for me at least) and I want to build with him an SDR transceiver.
From who have experience with this, please what I cannot have, instead the latest versions of RP, pro and cons...
And a link with connections (pinouts) from/to RP on another module (ptt, relays,lna, pwr. etc.) will be appreciated, google not give me only projects without many explications
Thank you in advance, and my best 73 !

de yo2ldk - alexander

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Re: RP 10 bits VS 14/16 as TRX

Beitrag von DC9OE » Di Sep 08, 2020 3:28 pm

Hi Alexander,

STEMlab 10 is compatible with STEMlab 14 so you can use all HW and SW build for STEMlab 14 - there is nothing specific about it.
In this Forum you find a lot of information about how to connect it under "Red Pitaya".

We have tested it as RX, works fine - we have not tested it for TX but I assume it works fine as well.
Of course you have only 10Bit of resolution this will limit your dynamic range both on RX and TX.

Please have a look at the Red Pitaya part in this Forum you will find all required information - it is a collection of Knowledge from about 2015 till today - with inputs from many OM's.

As Charly 25 Team we have also built a lot of HW around STEMlab but I think it is too high end for the application you have in mind.
However, you might also want to have a look at the Charly 25 part as well as I have documented a lot of details about STEMlab and how to use it.

Vy 73, Edwin - DC9OE