Here is the BRAND NEW test report from Rob Sherwood.

Bekommen von DH8KN, danke Hubert.


Full Test Report of the Icom IC-7300 SDR Transceiver
This is the measured data from the radio. Rob has not had time to play with it and use it on the air, but once he has done that and written his comments, we will update this file.
Icom IC-7300 A.pdf
PDF-Dokument [69.0 KB]
IC-7300 Transmit Noise
Here is the measured Transmit Noise Data of the 7300.
IC-7300 Transmit phase noise.pdf
PDF-Dokument [93.4 KB]
IC-7300 CW Rise Time
Here is the measured CW Rise Time of the IC-7300.
IC-7300 CW Rise Time.pdf
PDF-Dokument [224.2 KB]

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