Latest release OpenHPSDR-PowerSDR mRX PS v3.3.14

Neues Version von PowerSDR gerade erschienen, Version 3.3.14 als Lates Release.

  • PureSignal updated to v2.0.
  • Add capibities for the ANAN-8000DLE transceiver.
  • Bryan, W4WMT added a bug fix to the VAC feature that dramatically reduced buffer overruns when using smaller buffers.
  • Corrected out of band errors for the Japan region
  • Fixed CTUN so that the settings would be restored correctly after restarting the program.
  • Added NR2 and SNB to the DSP menu when in the Collapsed mode.
  • Added the following CAT Commands: — ZZLI – Sets or Reads the PureSignal (PS-A) button status — ZZNS – Sets or Reads the RX1 NR2 button status — ZZNV – Sets or Reads the RX2 NR button status — ZZNW – Sets or Reads the RX2 NR2 button status

Gemessen mit PureSignal v2.0 am Red Pitaya

Download hier auf der Seite.


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