Neue Firmware, Hermes_Protocol_2_v10.3

Neue Firmware für Hermes von Joe K5SO.

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Hermes_Protocol_2_v10.3 firmware is available at

This version of protocol 2 firmware restricts the ethernet connection speed to 100Mbps because of two issues that are unique to the Hermes board:

1) on TAPR produced Hermes boards the FPGA exceeds available power that is available from the SMPS source when running at gigabit rates
2) on both TAPR produced and Apache Labs produced Hermes boards the resettable fuses that power the FPGA have voltage drops across them that result in marginal (i.e., below FPGA spec) voltage to the FPGA resulting in issues when running at gigabit data rates to the ethernet connections.

This firmware runs fine on my standalone Hermes board, including the PureSignal features and firmware peak detect functions for FWD_PWR (AIN1) and REV_PWR (AIN2), at sampling rates of 192 ksps and lower.

Recognizing that some Hermes owners have modified their Hermes boards to be able to use external 5v power supplies instead of the on-board SMPS and have replaced their resettable fuses with higher current varieties, I am working on a 1000T version of the firmware so that those users may be able to run at the 1 gigbit data rates and will post it to the repository when/if I am successful in getting it operational. We appreciate your patience as we work through the various and sometimes unique Protocol 2 issues on this platform. This initial Protocol 2 firmware release should suffice for those wishing to test Protocol 2 firmware on their Hermes-based radios, I think.

73, Joe K5SO

 Hermes_Protocol_2_v10.3.rbf modified Hermes folder name to include Hermes 10 2 hours ago

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