Neue Firmware, Hermes_Protocol_2_v10.4 initial Gbps firmware available to try – beta test version

Neue Firmware für Hermes von Joe K5SO.


As there is considerable interest regarding having a gigabit version of Protocol 2 firmware available to try on Hermes platforms (beta test) I have posted the current 1000BaseT beta test firmware version for Hermes onto the repository for those interested in trying it:

This version of Protocol 2 firmware runs satisfactorily on my standalone Hermes board at all data sampling rates through 1.536Msps with the only modification made to my board being a short across F3 (bottom of the Hermes board).  Note that I am not recommending that everyone short F3 on Hermes, I am simply stating what I did to mine upon receiving it some years ago; long before Protocol 2 came into existence.  This firmware should be considered as beta test firmware, as Protocol 2 is not officially released at this time, and is provided simply to allow interested users the ability to try it on their boards if they desire to do so.

While PureSignal appears to function on my board when using this firmware it does not seem to update the PureSignal display during Tx mode, probably indicating that the timing constraints are not yet optimum within this particular firmware version; behavior on other Hermes boards may differ from mine.  It is my feeling that this initial gigabit version may nevertheless find usefulness for some Hermes users to test with even if it is not yet an ideal version for every Hermes user.  

For those not wishing to try this gigabit version but would like to try a Protocol 2 version of firmware, the Hermes_Protocol_2_v10.3 firmware previously posted Protocol 2 firmware version for Hermes is available on the same repository page which runs using a 100BaseT ethernet connection instead.  It also should be considered to be beta test firmware, as Protocol 2 has not been officially released yet, of course.  

73, Joe K5SO

Hermes_Protocol_2_v10.4.qar modified Hermes folder name to include Hermes 10 an hour ago
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