Icom IC-7300 gesteuert mit Bonito RadioCom 6 AF and If


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Der ICOM IC-7300 wurde in RadioCom 6 Liste aufgenommen und kann damit komplett gesteuert werden. Die Audioverarbeitung funktioniert sowohl über AF als auch über IF.

Nach Rücksprache mit Bonito wird die Software in ein paar Tagen zur Verfühgung stehen, eine zusätzliche Hardware ist nicht erforderlich. Alle lizenzierten User der Bonito-Software RadioCom 6 bekommen ein kostenloses Update.

Hier sind einige der wichtigsten Merkmale vom Icom IC 7300
  • HF/6m, 100W output on all bands
  • EU version: HF/6m/4m (50W on 4m)
  • SSB/CW receiver sensitivity, preamp on: (2.4 kHz, 10dB S+N/N): HF 0.15μV (-123 dBm), 6m 0.12μV (-125 dBm)
  • Separate HF and 6m receiver preamps (Preamp 1 for HF, Preamp 2 for 6m)
  • Modes: SSB (J3E), CW (A1A), RTTY (F1B), AM (A3E), FM (F3E)
  • Frequency stability: 5 * 10-7 (-10…+60°C)
  • Direct-sampling SDR (software-defined radio) receiver architecture
  • ADC: 16-bit. FPGA: Altera EP4CE55F2317N. DSP: TI TMS320C6745 (375-456 MHz, low power consumption). DAC: Intersil ISL5857IAZ.
  • ADC sampling rate: 150 megasamples/sec
  • Receiver signal path: RF preselector – ADC – FPGA – DSP – DAC – AF stage
  • 15 bandpass filters in RF preselector
  • New „IP+“ feature extends ADC dynamic range when strong signals are present
  • Selectable 16 dB attenuator for LF/MF RX range (30 kHz – 1.6 MHz)
  • ADC overflow (clip) indicator: OVF displayed on screen
    • Turn down RF GAIN when OVF display appears
  • Digital up-conversion (DUC) transmitter architecture using FPGA driving DAC
  • Transmitter signal path: Baseband amplifier – ADC – DSP – FPGA – DAC – RF BPF – ALC – PA – LPF
  • FPGA also performs digital down-conversion, frequency control and decimation (RF sub-band to baseband) digitally
  • FPGA executes TX functions: digital up-conversion (baseband to RF band) and frequency control
  • Improved phase noise performance due to low-noise ADC clock source (typ. RMDR: 97 dB at 1 kHz offset)
  • Fully-digital FFT spectrum scope and digitally-generated screen image; FPGA drives display processor via digital bus
  • Real-time, high-resolution spectrum scope includes waterfall
  • Scope span range ±5 kHz to ±1 MHz; amplitude range 80 dB; peak hold (continuous or 10 sec. hold time)
  • Scope features: selectable reference level (-20 to +20 dB), sweep speed, averaging & VBW (video bandwidth)
  • Audio spectrum analyser/oscilloscope screen (as in IC-7851, IC-7800, IC-7700)
  • Large colour TFT touch-screen display; screen selection via menu
  • Frequency change by touching scope screen
  • Multi-dial knob opens on-screen menus; menu items selected by touching screen
  • Band selection and 10-key numeric „keypad“ via touch-screen menus
  • Familiar Icom NR, NB, Twin PBT, DSP filtering and notch controls
  • RTTY decoder/display function
  • Built-in relay-type high-speed autotuner with latching relays
    • Tuner matching range: 16.7 – 150Ω (3:1 VSWR)
    • „Enforced tuning“ function for emergency operation with poorly-matched antennas (reduced output)
  • Rear-panel socket for AH-4 external autotuner
  • Acoustically-baffled speaker for excellent receive sound
  • Front-panel SD card slot
  • Rear-panel USB port for CI-V and audio/baseband/12 kHz DRM IF input/output
  • RS-BA1 compatibility (the spectrum scope with the waterfall can be observed on the PC screen)
  • Compact size: 240(W)×238(D)×95(H) mm, 4.1 kg.
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