New´s Barrett 4050 HF SDR transceiver

4050 HF SDR Barrett 4050 HF SDR The Barrett 4050 HF SDR transceiver is the new centrepiece of the Barrett range of HF communications equipment.

It combines Software-Defined Radio technology with the intuitive “ease of use” that has become synonymous with the Barrett name.

When teamed with other Barrett HF products the versatile Barrett 4050 transceiver provides secure email, data transfer and telephone connectivity within a HF network and onwards to the international telephone network an internet.

Deliveries of the new Barrett 4050 HF SDR will commence at the end of 2016. 4050 HF SDR dimensions 4050 HF SDR Product gallery

4050 HF SDR Features

>> Software-Defined Architecture
>> High Resolution Touch Screen Control
>> IP Network Connectivity
>> Multi-Language Menu Change the Barrett 4050 language setting at the touch of a button. Each radio ships with multiple language menus including English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Chinese.
>> Enhanced DSP Noise Reduction
>> Secure Digital Voice
>> Advanced Frequency Hopping (optional)
>> Advanced Calling Features
>> Automatic Link Establishment
>> Data Modems
>> Integrated GPS Interface
>> Desktop, Mobile and Tablet Applications

4050 HF SDR Product info

>> Download 4050 HF SDR brochure

Barrett 4050 HF SDR

General specifications

TX Frequency Range1.6MHz – 30MHz
RX Frequency Range250KHz – 30MHz
Frequency Stability±0.5 ppm (±0.3 ppm optional)
Frequency Resolution1 Hz tunable receiver
Operating ModesJ3E (USB, LSB) – H3E (AM) – J2A (CW) – B2B (AFSK) Software-Defined filter bandwidth
Filter BandwidthsFully Software-Defined. From 300Hz to 3000Hz and beyond. Optionally up to 16kHz.
Operating Temperature-30° to +70°, relative humidity 95%, non condensing
Frequency Hopping5 or 25 hops per second
Supply Voltage13.8V or 24V operation
Selcall SystemBased on CCIR 493-4, 4 and 6 digit systems
ALE Standards2G & 3G ALE
Current Consumption350mA standby (muted)
Sensitivity-121dBm (0.20 µV) for 10dB SINAD
RF Output Power150W PEP (with 24V supply)
125W PEP (with 12V supply)
Duty Cycle100% data with fan option
StandardsDesigned to meet or exceed:
– FCC – Part 90#
– CE#
– Australia/New Zealand AS/NZS 4770 2000 and AS/NZS 4582:1999#
– EMC and vibration Standard IEC 945#
– Mil-STD 810G for drop, dust, temperature, shock and vibration#
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