SDR-Console von von Simon Brown Release: 3.0.19/3.0.20


January 20th, 2020, This is a full release kit. It is a signed kit (more information at the bottom of this page).


 32-Bit    Google Microsoft Dropbox

 64-Bit    Google Microsoft Dropbox

3.0.20 (Nicht freigegeben)


Noise Reduction: fixed initial layout size of the NR window.

TX Monitor: added system debugger diagnostics to detect under- and over-runs..



Recording, Auto replay should now work properly (was broken with a previous kit).

ILG database import now much faster.


More sanity checks while changing the LO frequency with the Lime MINI, stops freezes.
Added configurable TX streaming after switching to receiver, this is related to the 5 second carrier problem.

Noise Reduction

Reorganised the Noise Reduction panel in the Receive DSP pane.

Added NR4, adaptive spectral subtraction. This has too many artifacts and will be improved as time allows.


Release: 3.0.18

Download here [Link].


  • Memory leaks fixed:
    • Loading Analyser project.
    • Saving some XML strings.
  • Fixed some UI drawing issues.
  • Fixed asymmetric filtering in broadcast FM (BFM) mode.
  • Selecting radio:
    • Select radio window now centred over the console,
    • Previously selected entry is always visible.
  • When a data (IQ) recording finished the Stop button processing is now always applied, so the console playback is correctly reset.
  • When using a converter RX/TX definition (e.g. QO-100) the correct arrow is shown in the TX window (▲).
  • When changing frequency with NR3 enabled no longer causes unwanted audio effects.
  • Geostationary beacon window now uses the thousands separator for the user locale, so 9132 Hz is shown as 9,132 Hz (UK/US) or 9.132Hz (DE).
  • Added extra options to the Ribbon Bar, Transmit with fixed keyboard mappings. These mappings will be user-definable later.

    • TX F5
    • VOX F6
    • Tune F7


  • Added waterfall scripting to the Transmit DSP panel:
  • Selection:
  • Example:
  • Options


  • Added full support, works well.


  • Transition between transmit and receive now much smoother.
  • LimeSDR Mini: added 10ms ‘slugs’ to slow processing when changing frequency.
  • Removed VDD, IPA, DRV from the TX Meters when using Lime and Pluto.
  • Added customisable Drive:


  • Improved transition between transmit and receive.
  • Removed VDD, IPA, DRV from the TX Meters when using Lime and Pluto.

SDRplay (RSP)

  • Added support for the SDRplay v3 API, the previous v2 API support is still available.
  • Added suppport for RSPdx.

Remote Server

  • Improved network design.
  • Added optional UDP mode.
  • Fixed stupid coding errors,
  • Paid attention to networks with W-Fi.
  • Both Console and Server updated, almost every area of the coding updated.
  • Remains backward compatible with previous releases.
  • Been testing with servers in NH – they are now streaming beautifully with low, constant latency.
  • Webpage updated:
  • Updated the Connect window – Bandwidth selection position changed.

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