Software Defined Radio Academy auf der HAM Radio 2018

Software Defined Radio Academy

Martin Kramer, DH3FR: Sigma Shift Keying: A Paradigm Shift in Digital Modulation Techniques

An SDR-based testbed is presented, build with GNURadio. It demonstrates a Filter Bank Multicarrier (FBMC) transceiver chain. FBMC is a generalization of OFDM, currently the most popular modulation …

The maritime world is looking for a backup system to Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). In this talk we use coast based differential GNSS radio beacons, which operate in the 300 kHz band a…

Software Defined Radio Academy

András Retzler, HA7ILM: Let’s code a simple receiver in C

With the new data flow based sdrflow language and compiler we could construct an sdr application from a set of signal processing algorithm written in C language just as easily as drawing block diag…

Laurence Baker, G8NJJ Kjell Karlsen, LA2NI The paper describes a control console for a popular PC based Software Defined Radio application, „PowerSDR“. Software Defined Radio has demonstrated subs…

Software Defined Radio Academy

Prof. Dr. Michael Hartje, DK5HH: Transceiver Experiments with the LimeSDR

Prof. Dr. Michael Hartje, DK5HH, Univ. Appl. Sc. Bremen. The shortwave spectrum contains 5,2MHz of amateur radio bands. In populated areas the low voltage grid partly causes high amplitudes of int…

Software Defined Radio Academy

DF8OE, DB4PLE, DL2FW, DD4WH: The OVI40 / UHSDR Project – Part 1 and 2

New magic in the open-source WDSP library — sharp FIR filters without the latency, a rack of pro audio equipment built in software, PureSignal 2.0 dealing with „difficult“ amplifiers, and Adaptive…

The majority of current Software Defined Radios (SDRs) use a Direct Down Conversion (DDC) technique in order to convert an RF signal to Baseband. This normally consists of a complex digital mixer f…

Software Defined Radio Academy

John Melton, G0ORX/N6LYT: An update on OpenHPSDR software for Linux

Transmitter architectures for high efficiency amplification using PowerSDR software and Hermes firmware. „Currently used RF power amplifiers consume large amounts of energy, dissipate heat and tak…

Software Defined Radio Academy

SDR-Academy @HAM Radio 2018 – Welcome & Introduction

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