ICOM IC-7610 technische Daten, unter Vorbehalt

Nach einigen Recherschen im Internet, hier die gefundenen Informationen zum Icom IC-7610.

Hier die erste Broschüre zum IC-7610.

Alle Angaben sind ohne Gewähr von Richtigkeit und Vollständigkeit.

Eine Liste der wahrscheinlichen Merkmale und Designelemente findet Ihr weiter unten.

1. Enclosure form factor of the 7600 approx same size.
2. Larger touch screen.
3. 13.8vdc @ 25A input, external PSU.
4. Greater capacity ADC, lower noise. Higher sample rate. (Possibly longer bit string) [16-bit ADC].
5. More powerful DSP. [, faster TI TMS32C6XXX series DSP IC].
6. Built-in web-server for Internet remote, local wired or wifi connectivity. [Can also be RS-BA1 server]
7. Dual-watch, with no signal degradation, and true cross band, cross mode capability. [Dual demod may require 2 DSP chains].
8. Lots of extra RAM space for future software expansion.
9. 100watt out, full duty cycle any mode, 1hr rating, very low distortion HPA design.[Easily done with new LDMS devices].
10. Scope video with audio clip capture. [Feasible If sufficient memory provided].
11. 100 dB spectrum scope dynamic range & calibrated(S-units & dBm).

Anschluss Externes Display

12. 48 to 100 volt in built power supply, forget the 12 volt nonsense. They can provide 12 volts out for accessories.
13. CISPR Ave and CISPR RMS calibrations scales for the s-meter with 9khz CISPR 16 bandwidth. We can do our own EMC radiated emission testing.
14. RX Phasing noise cancelling unit
15. RX antennas protected and switched on TX along with the ability to apply pre-amp voltages on the RX antenna ports(bias t)
16. Pre-distortion
17. TX monitoring for both the transceiver and external amplifier with couplers. Coupler factor set in the radio. See N8LP LP500!
18. Removable remote panel like the TS480HX
19. 10 inch TFT screen
20. TX linearity monitor like LINRAD TX monitor over 20khz bandwith
21. Ability to do antenna plots
22. VNA capability
23. ability to drive a remote antenna coupler
24. ALE and HF Selcall. Nobody calls CQ these days it would be nice to do a beacon test for propagation with HF Selcall
25. Syllabic squelch
26. Ability to select 2 drive outputs and switch 2 amplifiers. With the drive levels memorized for Linear 1 and 2. Barefoot , Linear 1 and Linear 2 etc with drive power memory
27. Built in SO2R interface that can pair 2 X IC7651
28. I dont mind paying for the above with option license keys! Keysiight R&S Option 0001 to 01000!
29. HP/Agilent/Keysight style bumpers and protectors for the radio so you can stack stuff on top while protecting the paintwork
30. Fan filters for smoke and dust etc
31. A patch panel that mounts to the top of the radio that brings all the connections from the back to the front of the patch panel.
32. Class D 5 watt Audio amp with low inband IMD and distortion
33. A clean headphone driving chain since it will be a direct sampling receiver.
34. 2 tone generator along with white and pink noise sources for TX testing
35. Ability to key amplifier relay system regardless of voltage without a amp buffer.
36 12 hour voice recorder with ability to save recorded files to a SD or USB stick or in the radio
37. Phase coherent receivers
38. Touch/capacitive electronic CW key input
39. Ability to select 2 paddles
40. Give one free to every ham

Die erste Broschüre vom IC-7610

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