Update, Thetis 2.8.9 Released, Thetis spricht nun auch mit Protocol 1

Ein Beitrag aus dem Forum von CQ-NRW von Sigi, DH1KLM.

Thetis 2.8.7 Released

Beitrag von DH1KLM » Do Okt 08, 2020 11:47 pm

Endlich mal wieder was neues an der Thetis front.
Thetis 2.8.6 ist nun da.
Thetis spricht nun auch Protocol 1 und kann jetzt auch mit dem Red Pitaya (bei mir im Moment nur RX seitig getestet) eingesetzt werden. Leider nur bis 192k Samplerate, aber immerhin.
https://github.com/TAPR/OpenHPSDR-Theti … tag/v2.8.7
2.8.7 (10/7/20)
– fix: Antenna selection not working properly
2.8.6 (10/6/20)
– add: protocol 1 compatibility up to 192k sampling rate
– fix: mic mute state restored on new session
– fix: prevent band change during transmit
– add: extended diversity cat commands to midi2cat
– add: shortcuts for all documents in Start Menu
– fix: LPF/HPF menu missing for model 100

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Thetis 2.8.8 Released!

Postby w-u-2-o » Thu Oct 08, 2020 6:13 pm

2.8.8 now available.

-fix: RX and TX antenna selection controls on console
-fix: VAC devices not showing in international versions of Windows 10
-fix: MIDI devices not working in the 64-bit version
-add: VAC Buffer Size of ‘64’
-update: world map in Spot
-update: time servers in Spot

See the changelogs for a 100% complete list of all added features, fixes, etc. in older versions.

Original major release announcement follows…

Some very exciting news: Thetis version 2.8.6 has been released!

– The official release is posted at the TAPR GitHub repository, as usual.

Why this is exciting: Thetis 2.8.6 will work with both Protocol 1 and Protocol 2 firmware. This provides many benefits:

– It will allow those folks who prefer, or are stuck with due to hardware limitations, Protocol 1, to enjoy many of the new user interface (UI) features and functionality in Thetis.

– It will allow developers to concentrate on a single client platform moving forward, thereby easing continued development and ensuring nobody gets „left behind“.

Existing Thetis 2.7.0 users, the changelog is as follows:

– Fix for remembering mic mute state
– Fix to prevent band change during transmit
– Extended diversity cat commands to midi2cat
– Added shortcuts for all documents in Start Menu
– Added a 64-bit build (you can download and install either the 32 bit build or the 64 bit build)

Existing PowerSDR/Protocol 1 users: for those who may be coming over from PowerSDR mRX PS, which has not been updated for over two and a half years, there are a vast number of changes and new capabilities in Thetis compared to PowerSDR. First, the important limitations:

– Protocol 1 compatibility up to 192k sampling rate, i.e. 384KHz sample rate and stitched receivers are NOT supported.

Now the highlights of what you can expect if you are making the change from PowerSDR:

– VOX is combined with the downward expander and includes many new sophisticated features including look-ahead processing (no dropped first syllable) and side-channel triggering
– Spotting in the spectral display
– Adjustable waterfall height
– Adjustable S-meter width
– S-meter average display
– Additional metering modes like ALC Group
– RX2 panafall display
– Adjustable waterfall height on the panafall
– A number of new bandstack controls
– Improved CTUN behavior and a number of new CTUN behavior options
– Simplified BPF settings
– Direct access to BPF bypass and antenna selection from the main console
– A new bottom status bar showing local time, UTC time, ID timer and other parameters.
– VAC option for playback of recordings.
– Improved MIDI support
– Support for the upcoming Andromeda all-in-one radio (but you can use the Andromeda display mode without Andromeda)
– DirectX support for the spectral display and waterfall, which substantially improves drawing quality, lower CPU usage, and allows nearly any size display (I’ve used it across triple 4K displays).

This is by no means a full list. See the changelogs for a 100% complete list of all added features. You will probably want to look as far back as Thetis 2.6.8, maybe further.

2.8.9 now available.

Link to GitHub repository download location

– Fix: recompiled all ‘C’ projects using SSE2 instructions for x64 (i.e. no more requirement for a CPU that supports AVX instructions on the 64 bit build).
– Fix: restored the ‘EXT CONTROL’ feature for the ‘OC Control’

See the changelogs for a 100% complete list of all added features, fixes, etc. in older versions.

*** IMPORTANT LIMITATIONS (please read) ***

– 384KHz sample rate and stitched receivers are not supported under Protocol 1.
– Atlas based systems (HPSDR) are not supported.

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